Aren’t we an international bunch in Little Chalfont?

You may have noticed how some of the more worldly Rex baked products sell out every single week at the pop up point, perhaps even before you got a look-in!  Well for those wondering how best to eat the more Complex-to-develop Sourdoughs (common in Central & Eastern Europe and California) or Italian bread specialties, we have some delicious top tips for you this week.

3 Ways to Taste the Globe’s best & lift your day

1) Sourdoughs.  More & more Friends of Rex Bakery ask after the speciality & regular Rex sourdoughs each week – their extended home-grown yeast process, depth of taste & texture and believed superior digestion impact is capturing local imaginations.  Anyone concerned about suspected bloating from mass commercial baked products, should try the gentle & delicious effect of our Sourdoughs instead.  Read our favourite ways to eat Rex Sourdough here.

Alternatively, a taste of Italia is brightening up our last weeks of Winter – the Rex Baker is up to focaccia & ciabatta baking capacity in our home working bakery every week now.

2. Artisan ciabattas (handmade, not just derived from a concentrate or packet mix) are rarely found in retail chains because they are very hard to make – our dough is made from Italian organic durum wheat flour, olive oil and due to its very high water: flour ratio content, it’s tricky to handle.  Fresh Rex ciabattas make a wonderful accompaniment to pasta; toasted slices can be topped with mozzarella cheese & Italian cured hams; and Rex olive organic ciabatta is a meal by itself thanks to the huge whole organic Kalamata olives uniquely grown in Sparta, generously distributed throughout.



Foaccia3. Focaccia. Many people in Little Chalfont are still discovering Rex Focaccia and how to eat it.  The starter dough is made the same way to Ciabatta but then proved & baked in a tray – the Rex Baker tries lots of different toppings on his Focaccia.  Personal favourites included the sea salt & herb toppings, but Friends also love a few pieces of vegetables or goat cheese.  Our favourite ways to eat Focaccia:

  • Fresh from the pop-up point – enjoy the slice just as is, because it was baked just a few hours earlier. Or dip into an Olive oil & balsamic vinegar blend.
  • Slice it horizontally and fill the fresh bread with cheese, cured hams, rocket & tomato slices.  What a lunch time sandwich that makes!  We hope to offer varieties of this in the Rex bakery café.
  • Slice it horizontally & toast cut side under the grill.  Use to make an open sandwich topped with roasted vegetables, drizzling with olive oil & basil.  You can also regrill your lightly toasted open focaccia slice with slices of cheese for an easy cheesy toastie.
  • If it’s a few days old, warm up in the microwave for just 20 seconds on full power & serve it any of the ways above, it will be warm & taste perfectly fresh.
  • If your Focaccia slice was frozen (it freezes really well wrapped in plastic), then place in the oven (180/ 350) for 15 minutes from frozen then serve

As one Friend of Rex Bakery said of Focaccia in their order:
“It’s me new secret pleasure, I don’t let the others in the family know about it!!”

Our focaccia looks quite belissimo (if we say so ourselves 🙂 so do try 1 of our Focaccia varieties this week!  We wonder what’s your favourite  ways of eating focaccia?  Do tell us in the comments here or on our Facebook page here x