Many people tried regular Rex Sourdough for the 1st time at the pop up points last Saturday because we had buttered samples and a few extra loaves available to buy.   Lots of you seemed to like it & we sold out, so we were very pleased 🙂
However we are often asked How else it should be eaten, so wanted to share our Rex Bakery family favourite tips for enjoying the regular Rex Sourdough

  1. Accompany meals – a basket of chunks of fresh Rex Sourdough really enhances any meal but especially salads, cold meats & cheeses, soups, stews, pasta….  just like the French might cut up & serve a baguette in fact.  It would be wrong to always think of Rex Sourdough as a vehicle – in the Rex Baker’s family, the basket of bread is devoured even before the plates hit the table!
  2. Sliced layer sandwiches – just treat as a tastier version of a healthy loaf.  The Rex Baker learnt to sandwich his meals (memorably spaghetti bolognese and roast dinner!!) to address permanent hunger during his army boarding school days and it is certainly his favourite bread for regular layered sandwiches.  The Rex sourdough outside crust is quite crunchy & the inside crumb should have large, holey, explosive texture so it might suit you to order Rex Sourdough sliced if you want it to be easily available to you for all those kids’ lunch box sandwiches this term..
  3. Open savoury sandwich – hand cutting a lovely thick slice of Rex sourdough & topping it with any favourite filler.  This Saturday that was organic double gloucester cheese with last of the season’s baby plum tomatoes & salad – perfect.
  4. Toast – for us, nothing beats a slice of Rex Sourdough toasted & dripping in unsalted butter as it turns colder.  Well maybe slathered in Marmite too but we get that won’t appeal to everyone.  Toast is our favourite to feed the children as a snack when they are predictably starving right after school and the slightly denser weight & stronger taste of Rex Sourdough is delicious toasted.
  5. Dipped in vinaigrette – the childrens’ favourite is dipping Rex Sourdough into organic olive oil lightly whipped with balsamic vinegar.  A meal in itself & we always have to make up more vinaigrette & cut more bread to satisfy demand!
  6. Slice with jams & curds – This is a favourite occasional “sweet treat” in the Rex Baker’s son’s lunch box.  After extensive trial tasting of samples with lemon curd, orange curd & strawberry jam – his winning topper is declared to be blackcurrant jam.

Perhaps you have your own favourite way to eat Rex Sourdough to share with us?  Please tell us in the comments box!  Otherwise we hope you find something to tempt you from this list, as we think you might really enjoy Rex Sourdough too 🙂