I always hold in having it if you fancy it
If you fancy it that’s understood
And suppose it makes you fat? I don’t worry over that
‘Cos a little of what you fancy does you good.
(Source:  Marie Lloyd, Victorian England fnar fnar chorus song)

We are more than a little excited that this bake list welcomes a brand new biscuit bar that has nothing at all to do with sourdough September!  Now. you know that Rex Bakery loves sourdough very dearly indeed, and it’s not an either/ or for us – but sometimes you just have to follow your healthy daily bread by indulging in something that’s sweet, rich, delectable and not even trying to be good for anything but your taste buds.  

Every week our viennoiserie & pastries sell very well indeed with our Rex Bakery Friends.  Maybe that’s because they consist of the highest quality ingredients – Croxton Manor unsalted butter (as used in top Michelin 3-starred restaurants in Bray & across the South East), organic white flour, Callebaut Belgian chocolate.  Or maybe it’s because the Rex Baker chocolate bunslikes to at least  nod to 1 of your 5 a day (citrus, berries, rye, organic dried fruit) in most of the Rex sweet baked items.  Or we actually hope you buy just because you like the taste 🙂  We want you to know there’s a lot of love & care taken over what you finally eat, especially compared to some supermarket-bought highly processed, deep fried, low nutritional-value sweet alternatives with hydrogenated fats & additives & very high levels of sugar & salt.

That said, people sometimes ask the Rex Baker’s family how come we don’t resemble the Happy Families’ Baker’s Wife & Children given all the baked items we trough every day.    The truth is that the Rex Artisan breads, consumed in truly vast quantities, appear to have little or no impact on our waistlines & weight.  The theory is that given the long pre-fermenting & proving process that Rex doughs go through, there is no more fermenting & bloating for the bread yeast to do by the time it reaches our tummies.    That there’s nothing bad for your bodies in the natural goodness of the organic grains & seeds.  All of which totally contradicts the fear that anything that tastes good, has to be bad for you.

streusel, fudge, lemonThat brings us to the idea of everything in moderation.  If we are eating well (we humbly offer that Rex Artisan breads are a great start) & expending enough energy, then why can’t we all enjoy a little Rex treat from time to time?  If not indulged by an occasional Rex Lemon & Fudge Streusel bar, how are we ever meant to resist the craving for an over-sized bar of rubbishy chocolate??  It’s all relative, which is why this week we are celebrating the notion that a little of what you fancy from Rex does you good.  Do tell us what you think, which baked item do you crave each week?