The Rex Baker nearly killed himself last Thursday / Friday /Saturday for Village Day but managed to get out well over 100kg of bread plus a whole range of Croissants, Danish, Brioche, Buns & Tarts.  He had about 4 hours sleep over the two nights and had a power outage at 11pm on Friday night which required a wonderful local Electrician friend to save the day (well, night…), plus the limestone the Rex Baker was baking on ( 4 of them) all decided to collapse about half way through!
Then despite a shaky start getting all the display out on show & a tropical rainstorm arriving in Little Chalfont Saturday afternoon, we had a fantastic time meeting so many wonderful friends & local community supporters and virtually sold out.
So now plans are afoot for this coming Saturday.  From 9-12, Rex Bakery pop up collection point will be found after the bakery has lovingly finished off orders overnight Friday.
All good things take time – 36+ hours mixing, proving, kneading, shaping & finally baking to be precise!