As Charles M. Schulz of “Peanuts” fame said, all we need is love – but a little chocolate now & then doesn’t hurt.  That’s why Rex invented Chocolate Buns, to introduce a chocolate-y dough that’s not overly rich but just enough for a sweet treat.

All about the Rex chocolate bun

chocolate buns; chocolate breadUnique to Rex Bakery, our chocolate buns are an  inspired innovation based originally on an Italian bread.  This is not a Brioche , laden with Eggs & Butter, but a sweet bun . The Honey gives a natural sweetness with the Belgium Chocolate giving chocoholics that chocolate hit but without the fat levels of a traditional chocolate bar or cake.  Think of a hot cross bun texture without the mixed fruit and full of chocolate. Our selected chocolate comes from the biggest chocolate company in the world “Callebaut“, as does normally the cocoa.

Chocolate buns bought fresh on the bake day are delicious scoffed all on their own, as soon as possible to most fully enjoy the soft moist slightly-sweet bread dough.  If your family can resist eating immediately, try freezing a in a plastic bag & then placing to defrost in a lunch bag for a great packed lunch treat OR slicing & eating with butter & jam the following day.  The Rex Baker particularly likes this with Blackcurrant Jam. We think Rex Chocolate Buns are a great way to introduce children to artisan baked delights – they even get a little healthy Rye in their diet this way.


Organic stoneground White Flour
Organic Whole Rye Flour
Callebaut Cocoa Powder
Callebaut Chocolate Chips
Fresh Yeast

The chocolate bun “sponge” grows overnight 12-14 hours, then the dough is mixed & proved twice over a few hours before baking & finally glazing with sugar syrup just before delivery & sale – yum yum. This is always one of the last items baked to keep the buns as  moist and soft as possible for sale.

Back in July & inspired by names for the new & less-than-healthy deep fried “cronuts” (croissant-doughnut hybrid) and “crookies” (croissants with Oreos), asked for nicknames for Chocolate Buns and we got some great suggestions, including

  • Choc’o’buns
  • Choccoroll

and “Chocolat au Pain” which we thought was a nice play on Pain au Chocolat, in every way.  This week, we are going to gift a pair of freebie Chocolate Buns to Amanda Bradbury for her boys, to congratulate her clever word-smithing on this one 🙂

Reactions to Chocolate Buns:

“the chocolate buns were fabulous!!!”
“Chocolate Buns every time!!!!!!!!!!!! “

“..extremely delicious Chocolate Buns”

chocolate bun; Rex artisan bakery

And of course a smile from little Iona designed to break hearts.  Awww!