The most popular bread with Rex friends last week was Multiseed with Honey, never off our bake list since we launched at Village Day back in June!



multiseed bread, wheatmeal, granary bread, artisan loafIt is a bestseller but perhaps it sounds like a specialty bread to some of you, even you might have thought it would be sweet?

In fact Multiseed is our Rex Bakery equivalent of a “granary” wheatmeal loaf, with a mixture of 30% organic white & 70% wholemeal flours plus linseeds, sunflower seeds, oats and honey.   We don’t use commercial granary “mixes” in Rex – we only use 100% organic flour with nothing added to the flour – no bleach, no improver, no stabiliser, no preservatives. And nothing taken away – all the micronutrients & Vitamin E in the wheatgerm stay in the flour.  Keep it simple – our white stoneground organic flour currently from Bacheldre is made simply by sieving wholemeal flour to remove the wheat bran.   In contrast, wheatgerm is taken out of regular steel-milled non-organic flour to create a whiter looking flour and increase the shelf life because wheatgerm can eventually go rancid.  The shame is that the micronutrients are removed at the same time.

There are 2 crucial steps to the Multiseed loaf:

multiseed mix, Rex bakery, artisan baking1)    20% of the Multiseed loaf consists of seeds & oats and these are soaked overnight in hot water & honey to enhance the moistness of the loaf and create a very fine flavour.  The honey absolutely does not provide a sweet taste, it is a natural antiseptic, preservative and acts more like a seasoning!

2)    Following the “old dough” method, about 15% of the Multiseed dough is prepared the day before and pre-fermented to aid flavour & digestion.  That  “sponge” grows overnight whilst the seed & oats mix soaks, then the following day is mixed in with the rest of the bread dough, shaped & baked early on Saturday bake morning.  All of our loaves take at least 24 hours to develop in this way.

Bread that tastes this good, takes time & it takes a baker like Rex that loves what they do.

Multiseed ingredients:

Organic stoneground White Flour
Organic Wholemeal Bread Flour
Fresh Yeast
Pure Croxton Manor unsalted French butter
Organic Rolled Oats
Organic Linseed
Organic Sunflower seed

 “Bought some of your bread and it was delicious..”

The bread naturally keeps moist for longer, is ideal sliced for lunchbox sandwiches & toast and besides, looks beautiful with its shaped crust.

multiseed loaf, bread crust, granary, wheatmealIf you haven’t tried it yet, why not add Multiseed with Honey to your order this week?