Rex Click & Collect 

Welcome! Please reserve your baked Rex favourites here to secure your favourite products.  We offer most of our room temperature takeaway products within this service.  Please note, click & collect is free if the order is over £30, otherwise there is a £1 convenience charge towards the online fees, packing & preorder costs – we include free 6kg-strong Rex bags for you in return 🙂

Our long fermentation make & bake process means that at least 3 full days are required prior to your collection day.  Please note that some of your favourite products may be out of stock online or only made on certain days of the week, but should be on sale in the bakery if you shop early enough.  You can order for collection from each of Little Chalfont, Windsor & Ascot bakeries. 
Any queries, please email Order from our webshop below: