med rex bubbling dough A full ovenmed rex rye
Rex Bakery is new, local and artisan. We hand make baked goods the old-fashioned way which means slowly & with love, to develop flavour, texture and keeping quality.

We use the best ingredients we can source, organic where possible and nothing else added, so plenty gained. To start with we’re planning a Little Chalfont pop-up Saturday morning shop – that means, after a hard day’s night of baking we’ll have your favourite breads & buns ready for you to collect

And this is where we can take you behind the scenes. Somewhere to share our thoughts and to give you good people a chance to comment on what we’re doing. Somewhere to post our pictures, tell our stories, let you know the latest. Somewhere for our trials & tribulations & triumphs. So this is the start of the life of Rex Bakery – because all good things take time.

More photos on our FB page. Click R link below.

Full website with Click and Collect service coming soon!

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