The Rex Baker believes that a real artisan baker will be right at the centre of its community. Indeed our neighbourhood support has been humbling, with so many lovely locals delighted by the Rex breads & buns and really generous with their comments & feedback.  Friends of Rex Bakery are making time to place  orders, visit the stall & Saturday Pick Up Points and are cheering us on in our plans.  This makes those hard days’ nights so worthwhile.

rex sourdough loaves

The Rex Baker is working on securing local shop premises, hoping to be a warm & welcoming baked-aroma presence that’s central to village life.

Community spirit means giving back as well.  Last month the Rex Baker wanted to help the local school PTA and the shop will support selected local causes once open.

Because all Rex bread is only sold  shortly after baking with nothing added so plenty gained, it’s delicious eaten fresh on the day. But any leftover loaves after sales are a chance for an artisan bakery to share its daily bread with needier parts of its community.   The Rex Baker has found out that Sikh gurdwaras will never turn away any hungry visitor whatever their denomination so we tried to make contact with our nearest one to offer up any Saturday loaves but haven’t heard back.  We also know there’s a Food Bank in the refuge along the valley, but that doesn’t seem to be open on a Saturday.  Does anybody have any ideas on where we can donate leftover bread & buns to benefit our community?

For the rest of us, real bread can’t be made to stay fresh for longer than is natural, but there are a few little  tips on how to naturally slow staling at home.

Rex croissants

There will be other ways to wave the local flag too – for example ingredients such as a Rex wild yeast made of local honey.  And we look forward to creating local jobs just as soon as we open that community shop – we can’t wait!