Order, order!  Why should I order?

orders for Rex BakeyMost Friends of Rex Bakery do order, but we know that it’s difficult for many of you to make the Thursday night deadline a regular fixture, especially at this busy time of year.  We really hope to make Click & Collect work, as we do believe it will be a big help to you in a busy shop. It also does help the Rex the baker a lot, to plan the right quantities.  Most importantly there are big advantages to you:

1) You secure your favourite products.  A lot of  lines sell out at the pop up point, even when we make tons! Unfortunately it’s unpredictable and we don’t produce an unlimited supply from fresh  because we like to avoid crazy unsold wastage.  Whilst we love to donate a few leftovers, there is a limit to how much we can freeze for donation to Restore Hope 🙂

2) Quicker process.  When we see our Rex Bakery friends waiting to collect their orders, we try to get to them fastest.  We are planning a special Click & Collect point in the shop, because a queue is anathema to Rex the Baker himself!!

3) You can have your bread sliced to freeze. We do slice to order when requested, and provide these in plastic wrap bags ready for best lasting quality in freezing.  That could be very important on Friday 13th December to keep you going through til Christmas Eve when the Rex Bakery will next pop up.

4) You can always add to the order.  Actually most friends do  add to their regular order when they collect, so please don’t think you are restricted to what you selected on the bake list

5) The biggest & most beautiful go into the order bags 🙂  Whilst we never sell anything under par, everything is Rex-made from scratch so there can be slight variability.  We do want to provide our loyal Friends of Rex Bakery with the choice pick of the bake when we fulfill the orders.

6) You can customise your order to suit you.  Want an epi for a special dinner party in place of a regular baguette?  No Epi; baguetteproblem.  Wanted the Benedict bars pre-cut into halves?  Absolutely.  Needed the order ready 1st thing?  Of course.  Hoping for a special product not on this week’s bake list (like Spelt or Rye)? We will try to help.


7) we involve you.  We ask for loyal Friends’ feedback & adjust our products accordingly; from time to time we offer you new products to try for free; we share your opinions in our materials; we take your new product ideas really seriously

For all these reasons and more, calling your orders! Do email rexbakery@btinternet.com