Focaccia 1/2 sheet

It’s really hard to make Focaccia & Ciabbata dough by hand, because of the very high water content which makes it such a tricky dough to handle.  That’s why, unlike Rex, most shops will use a packet mix – Rex Focaccia is all hand-made.  Our Focaccia dough is made with 100% white organic flour and baked with extra virgin olive oil, and slices are topped with Sea Salt & Rosemary.  At weekends in the bakery we often offer an additional topping liked sliced potatoes.

Delicious on its own, warmed up or sliced horizontally for a lovely sandwich (as we freshly make & serve in the bakery).

Sold individually as slices in the shop,  or add a half sheet to basket here worth 4.5 slices


About Rex

Our family runs one of the most awarded independent bakeries in Britain.  We care deeply about we sell, taking time to make our food properly and only putting into it exactly what’s needed. Every loaf we make by hand in the Chilterns is Real Bread (no artificial additives) and we are Sourdough Specialists, so Rex bread is tastier and healthier for you.  Learn more about Rex

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" Your focaccia is my Guilty Pleasure!"

"I always look forward to a slice of these on Saturdays"

"Nom nom nom;)"





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Gluten, Wheat


Single, Sheet