Organic White Bloomer

All white loaves are not the same – Rex Bakery hand-makes in the old fashioned way.  That means with organic stoneground white flours so none of the goodness is removed, and for easier digestion unlike many modern loaves. Our White Bloomers use Organic white wheatflour, made with exactly the same dough.  800g Large Bloomers are available to order here:


About Rex

Our family runs one of the most awarded independent bakeries in Britain.  We care deeply about we sell, taking time to make our food properly and only putting into it exactly what’s needed. Every loaf we make by hand in the Chilterns is Real Bread (no artificial additives) and we are Sourdough Specialists, so Rex bread is tastier and healthier for you.  Learn more about Rex

100% organic white flour, made over 2 days and we choose to add some of our sourdough starter to the dough alongside the fresh yeast.   This does not make them "sourdough" bloomers because properly made sourdough is a process, not an additive, and our bloomers are not 100% sourdough.  We also add a touch of oil for softer crumb that lasts longer.  Vegan & delicious.


“...And love the bread best of all”
“Your bread is scrumptious!”
“organic white sandwich loaf - absolutely Gorgeous! Yum!!”




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