Pain au chocolat

Classically made artisan pain au chocolat, these are a Rex Bakery best seller. The same careful dough & development process as croissants, but with the decadent addition of 55% dark Val Rhona chocolate sticks, generally regarded as the best chocolate in the world.
After layering, folding & turning, our pain au chocolat dough is “retarded” for 12-18 hours, then baked within 3 hours.



About Rex

Our family runs one of the most awarded independent bakeries in Britain.  We care deeply about we sell, taking time to make our food properly and only putting into it exactly what’s needed. Every loaf we make by hand in the Chilterns is Real Bread (no artificial additives) and we are Sourdough Specialists, so Rex bread is tastier and healthier for you.  Learn more about Rex

Rex Bakery places 2 rolls of Val Rhona chocolate in every pain au chocolat, whilst most pains au chocolat stop at just 1 (unroll to check!).  Anybody for le goûter??

Lovely pain au chocolat this morning x
Pain au chocolat were heavenly. Thanks guys!



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