Rex Malted Oat Sourdough

Rex Malted Oat Sourdough is our newest sourdough, the ultimate artisan loaf. Contains a mix of organic wheat & rye flours, oats, Sunflower seeds and superfood linseeds, together with our Rex wild sourdough starter.  Takes 3 days and highly specialist skills to make for a superior taste & texture, and the very best in proven digestive health benefits. We always recommend Rex Sourdough to those who worry they can’t digest wheat – the long slow pre-ferment makes it the easiest bread for our bodies to eat.

Learn more about our 3 day process here –
Easiest bread for our bodies to digest –


About Rex

Our family runs one of the most awarded independent bakeries in Britain.  We care deeply about we sell, taking time to make our food properly and only putting into it exactly what’s needed. Every loaf we make by hand in the Chilterns is Real Bread (no artificial additives) and we are Sourdough Specialists, so Rex bread is tastier and healthier for you.  Learn more about Rex

We are often asked how long our Sourdough lasts.  There is something even moister and fresher for longer about our new Malted Oat Sourdough, packed with goodness and taste.
All Rex Sourdoughs are #realbread, so have no unnatural preservatives and will be freshest on the day you buy, which is always also the day that it was made.  Our sourdoughs are still fresh the day after, but by the 3rd day we recommend it for toasting.  You can freeze all Rex breads, we recommend that you freeze & defrost wrapped in plastic as otherwise you can lose up to 20% moisture in the process.



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