Rex Products

Every baked product in Rex was locally handmade in our family-run bakery in the Chilterns, only with organic flour and the very best ingredients, to the highest standards. 

Rex Bakery is one of the most awarded independent bakeries in Britain,  with 35 World Bread Awards, Best Real Bread Bakery in the Chilterns, Best Bakery in Buckinghamshire, Best British Loaf. 

We are Sourdough specialists and we also offer speciality world loaves such as Ciabatta, Spelt, Rye – all our doughs are fermented over 2-3 days so that the bread is easily digestible. We are constantly improving every culinary detail by another 1% – please explore our high end savoury pastries, our extensive viennoiserie range, buns, tarts and cookies here or visit our Little Chalfont, Windsor and Ascot bakeries 7 days a week.

The Rex Baker explains all about artisan bread-making and Real Bread on the BBC’s “Life on a Plate”:

"You won’t taste better. Simple."

"These are the most scrumptious croissants I’ve ever tasted. Divine…!."

"Excellent bread – great texture, delicious sourdough taste. Crust is particularly tasty and a little darker than most other loaves."