One of the questions we are often getting asked right now is How Long Does Rex Bread last??  The uncomfortable truth is that artisan bread is not designed to last for ages.   Today we’ve got used to liking Long-Lasting, even if the manufacturer achieves that artificially & we don’t know what the health consequences might be.   Instead the Rex Baker hand-picked the few highest quality ingredients to be brought together naturally & with love, organic where possible, and certainly no E-number preservatives added, so plenty gained.

So what are our 7 tips to help your Rex bakery choices stay naturally delicious?

  1. Group rex sourdough loavesSpeed: The Rex Baker only bakes your bread & patisserie early hours of Saturday morning so it is fully fresh & may even still be warm when you collect  – plan to eat it quickly!
  2. Variety: Bread should also stay this fresh for a day or so.  It’s still good to cut for sandwiches Day 2 but maybe expect it only for toast Day 3.  We think Rex sourdough makes amazing toast 🙂
  3. Recipe: Some Rex loaves have natural preservatives such as extra virgin olive oil, and honey, so that the bread will stay fresher for even longer – Multiseed, Celtic Brown, Raisin & Rosemary Sourdough, Potato & herb Foccacia to name but a few
  4. Temperature: When it’s so dry & hot, never leave your bread unwrapped in the open air or even in the fridge – it will just dry out even quicker if air temperature is much different from around 20 degrees centigrade.
  5. Rex bakery Raspberry Benedict BarStorage: To protect moisture inside the bread crumb, protect the cut side only with foil, or if you don’t mind a softer crust wrap the whole loaf in a plastic bag.  We also find our buns & bars could keep for ages in airtight tubs & tins (though they do always get gobbled up PDQ by the Rex Baker’s family…)
  6. Freeze: Quickly deep freeze wrapped bakery items such as sausage rolls, croissants and bread that you know you won’t eat rightaway.  Defrost for an hour or so covered with a clean tea towel & if you like, pop for a few minutes in a warm oven before serving.
  7. Sliced: Choose to have your bread sliced as that seems to prolong life – so we are introducing this option for all Saturday orders (which will come in a sealed plastic bag) to enable you to freeze & access sliced Rex bread throughout August.  Rex Bakery artisan bread sliced & bagged

Because Artisan bread is designed to be as naturally a delicious & healthy bake & eat as possible, what other natural storage tips do you have?  Please post us a comment with your advice!