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[accordion_toggle title=”Photography”]Nearly all of the beautiful bread photographs in this website are by good friend of Rex Bakery, Peter Mukherjee. As well as his reputation for outstanding food photography, Peter creates incredible photo books to help sell high end homes.  What a talented guy! [/accordion_toggle]
[accordion_toggle title=”Website design”]by the lovely Sue of Apple River Consulting. Endlessly patient & kind as we lurched from idea to idea, Sue has brought Rex to life in our website and been an important tech advsier to us throughout. She is recognised by MAS, so can consult for small businesses & help you qualify for a grant in doing so. [/accordion_toggle]
[accordion_toggle title=”Coffee”]We choose Monmouth coffee,  widely regarded as the best coffee in London & hailing from the oldest artisan coffee house in London on Monmouth Street in Covent Garden.  There are always crazy long queues for their cafes in areas like Borough Market – but with single-source Monmouth coffee available on the doorstep in Little Chalfont there is no need to go to those lengths. :)[/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”Milk”]We have selected naturally rich local Guernsey cow herd milk to accompany our coffee, straight from the farm. This makes us one of the few cafes to care as much about milk as coffee. [/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”Flour”]We choose Shipton Mill, the gold standard in UK organic flour with royal appointment to the Prince of Wales.  Their exacting milling standards match the high quality standards at Rex. [/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”Holtwhites Bakery”]Glenn spent time as apprentice at Holtwhites, learning from the experts and observing how well they run their award-winning artisan bakery and food store in Enfield. We also love their Facebook group [/accordion_toggle]

[accordion_toggle title=”Hand turned oak benches”]We were very excited to come across an original furniture maker & carpenter in nearby Hazlemere, who made our beautiful oak benches to match our very lovely (ok, we’re biased) oak refectory table & reclaimed wood display shelving. [/accordion_toggle]