Many people remark at the Rex Baker’s choice of new venture – to choose 2am (yes, 2 in the morning) – starts you have to love what are doing.  After a hard day’s night, an array of baked Rex items are available for Saturday mornings

Passion & purpose at 2am

The Rex Baker used to work in the City.  But he always loved food – fine dining as part of his professional life, getting inspired in Continental European family holiday destinations by the food ingredients and the way food matters there, learning great chef techniques & recreating a flow of stunning dishes at home.

And at some point, high Finance became less attractive for the well, finance, and more of a drag as the sector contracted, the commute took its toll & finally it dawned on the Rex Baker that the rather self-absorbed intangible business of making money out of betting on financial outcomes, was not his purpose in life.

They say it takes most of us a lifetime to figure out our purpose in life.  Steve Jobs from Apple famously said “we’re here to put a dent in the universe.  Otherwise why even be here?”     The Rex Baker realised that good food and bread dough, artisan baker at work, shaping dough, cutting doughdrink matter, that he wants very simple, very well made food all the time & that rather than wonder why there was no artisan bakery locally, how fulfilling to retrain & provide one himself.

To him, baking is totally fascinating – the combination of rigid, almost scientific technique married with artisan creativity & constant experimentation.  What’s more, he finds he loves the physical, tangible nature of baking – both the manual challenge of working hard and creating a product he can see, touch, smell, taste & be proud of.  There’s no going back to a desk job now, it’s all quite simple – yes, it involves early starts & is all-consuming, but  it’s work  that satisfies the Rex Baker and feels like a worthwhile exercise because he is not compromising in any way.




Rex sourdough, artisan sour dough, artisan loaf, Rex artisan bakery

Above all, it’s the best that he can make it , every single week – that’s what matters to him.  And hopefully to you too – we hear wonderful feedback from our Rex Bakery friends & for success of the business it’s of course critical that you agree!  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments.