It will be Thanksgiving in America on the 4th Thursday of November, but here at Rex Bakery we’re already feeling very thankful – for 3 reasons which we’ll explain.  

Why we are thankful this week

1. we had our biggest week since Village Day!   Being a sociable lot, many of you hosted weekend house parties sausage rolls, puff pastry, artisan baking(where was our invitation??) so there were lots of big orders plus we had a super-busy time at the Westwood Park Pop up Point where we sold out of sausage rolls, chocolate buns and olive ciabatta despite baking tray loads’ extra this week, see the picture left and also click on video below of Rex preparing the pain au raisin.  Thank you to all Friends of Rex Bakery, this was great timing for you to reassure us that we really are serving a local need, because….

2. Yay, we can finally confirm that this week we are buying a shop in the parade in Little Chalfont, right near Tesco!  We know it’s the busiest part of the village, which we believe deserves an Artisan Bakery and so we hope to become a heart of the community in the new year.  Lots & lots to do to get ready, and it’s more than a little nerve-racking when its all so new to us plus super-complex & costly to navigate all the legalities, unfortunately.  We might moan about that in a blog to come.  But at least we will save the village from an empty shop eyesore or yet another charity shop, which was the most probable alternative outcome!  And it will be amazing to get going “for real”, so we will keep you posted on our progress as we will continue to really appreciate all your support in the months & years ahead.pain au raisin, cutting dough, artisan bakery, baking

3. we are delighted that we raised £15.75 for Children in Need by donating 1/2 of the special price of jam-spot Scandinavian School Buns last week.  Hope you all enjoyed them, thank you so much for your support for this important cause!!
We keep & deep freeze all Pop up Point leftovers each week and shortly will be arranging a trip to our friends at Restore Hope in Latimer to donate a bevy of Organic baguettes, Walnut & Linseed loaves and the like to needy local families.  So nice to do, makes us feel warm & fuzzy & most definitely thankful that fab organisations like that exist to help our community.

In Thanksgiving Americans traditionally enjoy Turkey followed by Pumpkin Pie.  Rex Bakery won’t be joining in, but what we do know is that as soon as Thanksgiving is done, the States rushes towards Christmas!  So we too are now thinking about  festive specials & Rex Bakery pop up timings close to the Holidays.

Have a great week everyone xx